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    Wow, someone else who’s as obsessed with the number 11 as me. Awesome idea!


    For the past two years,  I have taken a photo via Instagram ( every single day at 11:11 AM. Now on 11.11.12, the project will finally come to an end. You can check out the cumulation of the past two years of images at With a collection of 730 images, this project has grown more than I ever could have anticipated. 

    Join me on instagram as 11.11.12 approaches and the 11:11 Project comes to an end!

    'Twas the Night of the Election

    Written in a sleepy haze at 3 in the morning last night. This is the product of too much caffeine and too little sleep after driving home from DC.

    'Twas the night of election

    and all through our States,

    all the people were dreaming

    of their little-known fates.


    Some dreamt of progress. Of peace and reform.

    Others hoped for a meal, and a place to stay warm.

    Still others hoped for a job, or to just have a chance,

    And others only wished, for a larger villa in France.


    Some feared the government, taking over this country,

    Some women sat in fear, of losing control of their body.

    Farmers dreamt of sowing, others grasped at fibers,

    Failing to find sheep, Economists counted numbers.


    Outside the trash cans, sit by the curb,

    But a war is raging in this quiet suburb.

    Two lawns there are, along with two plaques.

    And from their large type, there come the attacks.


    One promised rainbows, but only gave rain. 

    He promised gumdrops, but hope was in vain.

    The other attacked health care, was that his intent?

    But does he care of the middle-class, or the 47%?


    When out from my smartphone, there arose such a clatter,

    I checked my notifications, to see what was the matter.

    #Election2012, trending with force,

    My voice must be heard, on Twitter of course.


    "Now the Badger State, the Buckeye, the Hawkeye and Granite,

    The Old Dominion State, the Silver, the Centennial and Sunshine!

    Rest on this night, and dream of our nation,

    For tomorrow your votes, will decide this Election!”

    Get out there and Vote!

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